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Why Go To A Seminole County Bail Bondsman

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When a friend or family member is arrested in most cases
they will be allowed to post a bond. A few exceptions are life
felonies, capital felonies, domestic violence cases usually are
no bond until after first appearance and DUI cases can have
an 8 hour statutory hold before being bonded out. They have
the option of posting a cash bond or using a bondsman. If you
contact a
Bail Bondsman in Seminole County you can find out
if and when your friend or loved one will be eligible to bond
out. When the accused is allowed to bond out it can be by cash
bond or through a bondsman. With a cash bond the accused
friend or loved one has to go to jail and post the entire amount
which in some cases can be thousands of dollars. If the
accused misses a court date a warrant can be issued and the
bond can be estreated (taken from you). Another issue that can
cause a disagreement is if the crime sticks or is even reduced
the cash bond is automatically used to pay fines and court cost.
If a Sanford bondsman is used to postbail only a percentage of
the fee is necessary. For bods less than $1000 the fee is $100.
For anything greater than $1000 the maximum fee is 10%. In
some cases payment plans can be arranged. Things that are
considered in determining if a payment plan is appropriate are
connection to the community, likelihood of paying and
chances of fleeing.

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