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Seminole County Bail Bondsman Nebbia Hold

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In some cases the prosecutor will request that a hold be placed on
a defendant before allowing them to be released. One of the
holds that we occasionally see in Seminole County is a Nebbia
hold. A Seminole County Nebbia hold is not something that occurs
in your run of the mill case but is more common in drug trafficking,
money laundering and other white collar cases. The allegation that
money is being made illegally is what generally causes the
prosecutor to request the Nebbia hold. To simplify it the prosecutor
doesn't want the accused to use dirty money that was not seized to
bond out of jail. If your friend or family member has a Nebbia hold
you will need to verify that the money you want to use comes from
a clean source. Your
Seminole County Bail Bondsman will need to
sign an affidavit swearing that the money they used for the
premium of the bond came from the clean source. If you are going
to court for a friend or family member it is always a good idea to
bring their passport. That is a common condition for release in
these types of cases. Your Seminole County Bail Bondsman’s role
in this is to be able to provide the affidavit showing the money is
from a clean source. The bond amount, conditions of release and
getting the prosecutor to agree that the money comes from a clean
source is up to your attorney.

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