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Orlando Bail Bondsman
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If you are arrested in Orlando you need an Orlando Bail Bondsman. Posting a cash bond can be expensive and tie up family resources. When someone is accused of a crime tying up resources might not be a good idea. An arrest can cost someone a job and in some cases their freedom. If you have not ever bonded someone out in Orlando the process can be intimidating. Let our profesionals help you out in this difficult time. We can quickly navigate the bonding process in Orlando to get your friend or family member out of jail. To bond someone out you will need to pay the greater of 10% of the bond or $100. The price is controlled by statute and cannot be discounted. That means a $5,000 bond in Orlando would cost $500 and a $500 bond would cost $100 because 10% would be $50 so the $100 minimum kicks in. This money goes to the Orlando Bail Bondsman, who provides the bail bond. The bond is a contract for the defendant to show up for all court dates. If the defendant does not show up for the court date, the bail agent is on the hook for the full bond amount. The bail bondsman has an indemnitor to cover the cost if the accused doesn't show up. The 10% or $100 is how the Orange County bondsman makes a living and is the money they get for taking the risk that somebody skips bail and doesn't get brought back in time.

An Orlando Bail Bondsman can require collateral when writing a bail bond. Collateral might be real or personal property (homes, cars, etc.), bank accounts IRAs, jewelry, watches or anything that has value. Collateral is used like an insurance policy in case the accused runs or misses a court date. The collateral can be sold (if it is real or personal property) if the accused fails to appear to pay the forfeiture. Collateral is not mandatory in all cases. If the accused resolves the case without failing to appear the collateral will be returned. The premium that is paid to the bail bondsman will not be returned because it is payment for the bail agent’s services and expenses in providing the service.

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